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Can Chiropractic Care Provide Auto-Accident Relief?

If you have been injured in a car accident there are many solutions that a chiropractor can provide. Auto collisions can cause damage both internally and externally so proper follow-up care should be taken seriously no matter the extent of visible damages. When recovering from physical trauma, immediate attention to injured areas can help reduce bodily harm or symptoms as well as prevent further aches from arising. It is important to have a chiropractic evaluation to see which treatment options are best for your post-accident care.

Common car accident injuries like whiplash and alignment offset can cause trigger symptoms like headache or nausea. Muscle tension and stiffness are also symptoms of injury that go overlooked and unaddressed. Even in accidents that undergo small impact, thorough physical examination by an emergency professional and a chiropractor should be top priority. Many auto-accidents that occur can present soft tissue injuries that cause inflammation and discomfort. Soft tissue injuries can take a long time to heal and the effects can linger weeks, even months, past the date of trauma. Without proper therapy, some injuries can even cause pain for years. Dr. Maniscalco can provide you with a customized plan to healing and realigning the body for optimal musculoskeletal rejuvenation.

How We Can Help

Dr. Maniscalco is trained to deal with major and minor back and neck injuries with special attention to auto-accident care. Most chiropractic techniques are presented to treat injuries without relying on prescription drugs and added medicinal expenses. Through drug-free chiropractic strategies like muscle stimulation, adjustments, exercise, and more, patients can acquire long-term healing that keeps them from the risk of re-injury. Though some personal injuries can take time to heal, do not underestimate the power of relief that a chiropractic routine can provide. After just a few weeks of care, many chiropractic patients report a major reduction in physical discomfort.

It is important to listen carefully to your chiropractor and follow through with your program. The human body withstands both low and high-impact collisions differently but injury can occur at any speed. Once the bumper absorbs the shock from the impact, the remaining shock is sent through the bodies of passengers impacted both in and outside of a vehicle. Some injuries are not onset suddenly and most can even take weeks to surface. Heading straight into chiropractic treatment following emergency evaluation is the first step toward full recovery.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident or struck by a moving vehicle, be sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maniscalco today. Within the first 48-72 hours following an auto accident it is recommended one remains mobile (if your doctor approves) this will help to ward off debilitation during inflammation and help make treatment easier as your body begins to undergo the after effects of the accident. Do not overextend yourself to strenuous tasks and be sure to get as much rest as needed until your first appointment with your chiropractic physician. A proper care plan and road to physical recovery is just a call away, schedule your initial consultation today!